Baskin-Robbins 200 E Main St


Kim Castellani
Love it
Heather Adams
Their JAMOCA ice cream is the BEST!! I ALWAYS have a large shake and my grandchildren LOVE it too.!!🍦🎂🍧
Rohith Nandagiri
Hand delivered my sons ice cream cake in time for his 4th birthday party. The cake was damaged the previous evening coming from queens - where they make the custom cakes - and I thought we were doomed. Keep in mind Baskin Robbins is the only place that makes ice cream cake with the battered baked cake in the cake. (No one knows what this is here in NY but it’s a very popular cake down south)
Sheryl Rubenbauer
Very disappointed in the service and how they treat people. They obviously don't need my business.
Ryan Adams
Lazy workers never want to make shakes. Happened to me three times going to drive thru. They always say machine is broke lol.
Val M
This place is the worst. They’re literally always out of stock on almost all the ice cream flavors. When we asked what flavors they do have after asking for the most basic flavors like cookie dough, mint chocolate chip, coffee, and cookies n cream their only response was vanilla... what good is an ice cream place without ice cream?
brian ga
Went to drive thru, was told the “milkshake machine “ was down.. it’s called a blender but sure.. waited in the lot for 10min, went inside ordered a milkshake and no problem.. called the girl out they have 3 “milkshake machines”.. educated her on the English dictionary and left. What a loser place get your stuff together.
Maureen F.
Was there last night around 8pm for ice cream. Ordered the warm brownie cookie ice cream sandwich. What part of warm didn't they understand. What part of fresh don't they get. I had 2 rock solid hard stale brownie cookies with very little ice cream in the middle. Thanks for reminding me why I don't go there.
Samantha S.
Oh, heck no. Heck. No. Was in desperate need for an ice cream cake for my Dad's birthday as the other Baskin-Robbins location was not making cakes that day being that it was a day before MLK day. Based on others' reviews of this location, I was not thrilled about using them but again, desperation so in I went. Well technically, first I called and asked how much notice they needed to make an ice-cream cake. It was 10 am when I called and they told me they needed 24 hours. So I said perfect, I need a cake for tomorrow to be picked up at 6 pm. (32 hours in advance) The girl said "Oh, hold on I'll have to ask if we can." It was a non-issue when she returned and said they could do it. Not sure what the original question was since it was 32 hours in advance but trust me, that's the least of my problems with this whole scenario. In I go to order the cake and what a process it was. It was as if they had never had a cake order placed before. It took forever for someone to come help me and she was confused as heck. Firstly, they do not have nearly as many ice cream flavors as other Baskin-Robbins do; I get it, it's a Baskin/Dunkin combination, maybe limited room so some flavors had to go, but they had no chocolate fudge brownie. I asked if she would be able to make the cake with chocolate fudge brownie and she said she didn't know and then suggested a different flavor (that was nothing like chocolate fudge brownie) She didn't have any interested in looking in the back or making a call to find out if they would have this flavor available. I get it, it wasn't her family members' birthday cake so she didn't care. So we're filling out the order form and I asked for a 12-16 person cake, which she said they couldn't do even though it was right there on the order form. At this point I just wanted to order this cake and get the heck out. I did two ice cream flavors, no sprinkles, extra crunchies and asked the cake to say Happy Birthday Dad. Pretty simple. She rang me up and the cake cost $43 (damn) and I told her I'd come back tomorrow to pay. Thank goodness I didn't pay right then and there. The following day I come to pick up the cake and the cashier gave me a smug smirk when I told her who I was to pick up the cake. I immediately felt like something was going to be wrong. She brought the cake out and it was the ugliest cake I have ever seen in my life. My family has been ordering cakes for the last 20 year from Baskin and not once has an ice cream cake looked like this one did. It had a huge cherry stuck into the cake in the middle with crunchy sprinkles around it. No flowers, no design, no decoration, literally a damn cherry. I don't remember asking for a cherry nor have I ever seen an ice cream cake displayed at Baskin that looked like this. The 'Happy Birthday Dad' wasn't legible. I literally said to her, "Why does the cake look like this." She replied, "I don't know it isn't made here it's made in Queens." QUEENS?!? Random and strange. Real strange. Who is this Queens cake maker? I asked her why it doesn't look anything like the other cakes in the display freezer she said she didn't know. She began to laugh and that's when I lost it. She thought it was hilarious that I was getting so upset about what this cake looked like. It was infuriating. Anyways, I did not pay for the cake and it was as if she took pleasure in screwing up my birthday cake plans. I'm sure it's still sitting in that freezer because it was ugly as heck and I can't imagine anyone paying that price for that cake. I went back to Northport Baskin and got a pre-made cake from their freezer which wasn't ideal but was a heck of a lot better than this one.
Lisa Bev
This place stinks. Serve melted ice cream. Then lie about it.
At certain times of the day it is difficult to even get service at the ice cream counter unless you get in line for donuts and then tell them you want ice cream. They are not very attentive and they often have only 2 people on in the afternoon for the whole store which makes service dead slow.I have had staff members stare at girls sitting at tables behind me while I was ordering and then look at me and say,
Anthony N.
This place is a dump since it changed hands last year. 1. It's dirty- the tables always hAve donut crumbs and paper all over them. 2. The donuts-at least when I get there around 4pm are always scarce-never munchkins-see picture 3. One time I am there with my kid and a worker from the Huntington Village DD charged and and started a fight with the girl behind the counter. Ironically I believe the owners were there because they sat with blueprints of a DD. I said to them, "thank god you are buying this place because the new ownership doesn't seem to know what they are doing. This place is disgusting now. They said they were the owners and then the girl from HV DD charged in. There was High Drama for 15 mins while the separated the two and the one girl was screaming at the other. Here is a pic of the donut shelf I guess we take for granted acceptable customer service This place is lower than that
S. H.
Just ordered two ice cream cakes for Father's Day and had the nicest experience. The manager was so friendly and helpful and assured me that they would make it with care as my daughter has a nut allergy. So nice.
Megan O.
I love this dunkin donuts location, one of the best in the area! Everyone is so friendly and their establishment is so clean. I go there so much that the employees have my drink memorized, which is a nice personal touch!
Joe P.
Clean location. Friendly service. Pumpkin spice latte hits the mark.