Chipotle Mexican Grill, 569 N Main St in Doylestown

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Bill Bannar
Been going here since it was opened. I love their food, but the customer service is okay. The employees don’t smile to make it a welcoming experience. Just a smile would do the trick. Also I noticed the forks are open. I suggest having plastic wrapping around the forks, since a lot of hand are in the fork jar. Otherwise, it is vey clean and the food is delicious.
May 2023
Ari Silverstein
Chipotle is a staple for my food consumption and for the only location to be this one in Doylestown is an absolutely bad beat. 25% of the time I will get a bowl up to standard and be extremely happy with it. The other 75%. Pure embarrassment. And it’s not the quality of the food in any way. It is the lack of pride or dedication the employees have to provide a decent product. Whether that means my bowl is absolutely man handles and crushed or the toppings put on my bowl are completely disproportionate. Recently I ordered a double chicken bowl with pico and cheese. The man serving the chicken gave me my first scoop and then proceeded to go back in 4 times to scoop two pieces of chicken into my bowl to make it “double”. It then got passed on to the next guy who covered my entire bowl with pico (more pico than chicken and rice) and then another pound of cheese which I took most off once I got home. This isn’t a rare occasion. It is clear the lack of care some of these employees take in their job. It is not all of the employees however, I do not want to make it seem as tho no workers there care. When I get a good bowl I enjoy my trip to chipotle. But most times I am walking out questioning if the employees who made my bowl even cared what I thought of my meal. Never have critiqued a restaurant before however the consistent disappointment I have at this chipotle needed to be addressed.
March 2023
Michael Bunalski
This chipotles used to be great. Ever since management changes this site is awful. I order online and they have not gotten an order 100 % correct in the past at least 5 visits. They miss whole items, addons like guac and in the most recent just didn’t cook the quesadillas I got for my kids. Very disappointing to see this restaurant go so down hill from how great it used to be.
March 2023
Not sure where Chipotle or this Chipotle fell off, but our burritos were very poorly rolled. We had to put them in bowls as a result. Tasted great, but the experience certainly left something to be desired.Food: 4/5
March 2023
Marilyn Cruz
I ordered the TT crazed “quesadilla” and instead of adding the veggies into the quesadilla like they did before this order they placed it as a side… the tortilla was empty and super hard on one side… I broke it apart to show it. Next time I will take a drive to Montgomery to order and pick up from their…Doylestown chipotle has lost its quality and care for there food and customers request. IMO
March 2023
sean fitz
worst chipotle i’ve ever been to. the proportions are terrible. Service and wait times are super long. Marta was incredibly rude to me and cause a scene publicaly over not letting me use a valid coupon that scanned on the computer but she refused to let happen. Would never eat here again. Warrington one is 100x better
February 2023
Michael Urban
my gf wanted chipotle idrc for it but we both threw out out food and didn’t finish it when 4 ants were crawling on the tables next to us. Manager didn’t seem to care i was trynna get her attention
February 2023
Amy Bridges
I'm a vegan and got the tofu option, as I'm eating my bowl I began chewing on a piece of STEAK!!!! Cross contamination, my daughter got the chicken bowl and also had some steak in hers. There was also corn thrown in there which I did not order. This was a real vomit bowl!!!!
February 2023
Lindsay Romeo
I placed an order on Door Dash for a quesadilla and chips and queso- my chips and queso didn’t arrive and my quesadilla was burnt to a crisp, completely inedible. Such a waste of money.
February 2023
Tim Hodgson
Busy. The staff are hard-working and friendly. Good food, except there is always (I've been coming here since it opened years ago) grissle in the steak. The amount of traffic through this Chipotle is high. Two people work the mobile orders two people work the line, and 1 maybe 2 work the kitchen. Very demanding work. That said, the dining area is a mess. Tables are dirty. Floors are dirty. Yes, I went when it was dinner time, but you can't help but notice. Parking is, quite simply, difficult.Kid-friendliness: Kids are here and welcome, but parents need to clean up after their kids better.Parking: Small lot for the volume of traffic. There is no safe alternate parking. If the lot is full, you are really out of luck.
December 2022
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