Chipotle Mexican Grill, 1245 Commerce Blvd in Dickson City

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  • 1245 Commerce Blvd
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Bill Evans
This place is filthy dirty. The tables are never clean even at a moderately slow time.Every table is dirty. I came here on consecutive days. The first time I had to pickup their cleaning supplies and wipe a table so I could sit down and eat.
May 2023
Eileen Dyer
Average all around...turn off for hanging out in the larking lot...alot of them. Big turn off. My daughter wanted to get this food. If she was not with me I wouldn't have stopped.Food: 3/5
May 2023
Deborah Barkley
Food is good. Service was excellent! Always a good quick filling meal. The prices have definitely gone up. We paid almost $35 for a bowl & 2 orders of hard tacos.Food: 4/5
May 2023
Connor Peery
I don't know why I keep trying to come back here. Not even an exaggeration when I say this is the worst location in the valley. I've been to every single one in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas, and the amount of issues I have at this one is mind boggling. Management needs to be changed which is very sad since this one hasn't even been open a year. Corporate needs to keep a close eye on this one. Staff couldn't care less, they are so rude. Asking a question and the response is to turn around and walk away. Out of the last 5 times I've been there the food has been incorrect 5 times. I will never go back to this location, do yourself a favor and find a different one.
May 2023
Leah Price
I got a bowl and they put maybe 2 teaspoons of rice, 5 pieces of chicken and more sour cream than all of it. Very unhappy. Every time I come here and get a burrito now I have to get double of everything. They used to fill my bowl /burrito. I’m no where near full after. After I went over to Panera and got something there to fill me.
May 2023
Marsala Lukianchuk
Associate Meg walked us through the menu as we had never been to a Chipotle before, making it so easy. The food was delicious and healthier than other fast food options, and the kids loved it!
March 2023
I ordered a burrito not a bowl And everything is extra . I would like to add that my daughter actually got food poisioning on June 2nd from the dickson city location. Never go there. They are known for giving people food posioning. I do not trust anywhere these days. Horrible . They should have better food standards . I do not know why they are always busy. It is gross. !!!
February 2023
Chris Peterson
Like most fast food, I'm not expecting much from the experience. The food tastes good,is out very quickly, and you're back to work before your lunch ends.Food: 4/5
January 2023
Urica Carver
get a lot of food for a cheap price. Mind you, I didn't even begin to place and order yet now was I asked for my order yet at this point (strike #1). Then I'm asking another employee if they have the vinaigrette and the man is still going on about not getting tiktok discounts (I was totally lost and confused...strike 2). Finally I ask to order a quesadilla and I'm told I can't order it in store and it had to be done online through the app (okay fine). I wanted to order a steak quesadilla with cheese and fajita veggies. I was then told that I can only order a meat and cheese on a quesadilla and that it. Even though there's an option to order veggies on the quesadilla as well. I didn't even have the energy to ask why this man was giving me such a hard time. It was such a terrible experience. Then to top it off. He gave me nothing but problems and push back from the moment I entered the location and ranting about policies (which I'm still confused about) only to turn around and sell an adult a kids meal ?. I left feeling very upset and I had a hard time thinking about anything else the remainder of the night dur to the poor treatment and customer service I received at a place I've never been. Very disappointed in this chain.
January 2023
Honesty ReadsALL
I use to love going to this location but, as of lately I've begun to dislike it more & more. I gave them 3 stars due to the mere fact that, after my visit tonight it's become apparent to me that either the GM is a tad bit racist or, maybe this isn't his calling to be in food service. The employees are always friendly &, the food is good. I'd rather drive to Clark Summit or Moosic at this point for Chipotle. These people that run businesses need to understand that, without customers they wouldn't have a business to run.
December 2022
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