Dunkin', 585 White Mountain Hwy in Milton

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  • 585 White Mountain Hwy
  • (603) 652-7222
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Anna Caswell
I worked at this one. The workers are unbelievable my rude when taking orders. The manager doesn’t care either and is so rude as well. I ordered two coffees and avocado toast. Both coffees were made wrong and my toast had barely any avocado on it. It is packaged for a certain amount to put on each toast, so they deliberately put less on mine. I waited in like for 20 minutes for this and had horrible service. I’m not sure how they are even still open.
March 2022
Betty Carlton
The dunkin’ donuts is understaffed, the employees that are there are usually rude and lazy, I was sitting in the drive through for almost 10 minutes once while one of them were one their phone near the window. The food is mediocre and made lazily, my sandwich was assembled messily and the bacon was burnt, I’d rather go buy donuts from the cumberland farms next door, I won’t be visiting again any time soon.
February 2022
Hailey Woodcock
I had gone to this location to get a medium iced caramel macchiato with 3 shots of unsweetened French vanilla. The first time I went through the drive through they gave me a medium iced macchiato with caramel and 2 pumps of French vanilla swirl. I went back through and just said sorry and asked for a remake, at the speaker the girl I talked to was very nice but there was someone yelling about it in the background. I got to the window received my drink and it still had French vanilla swirl in it. I then parked and went inside with both the macchiatos and just asked for one with caramel only no vanilla and the girl who made it for me was nice but there was a woman around the corner that I could not see who was asking if it was the “same one” and what I said “was wrong with it this time” and continued mumbling under her breath. I used to work at a Dunkin so I know when my coffee is wrong, I was extremely nice because I know what it’s like to have someone yell at you for a wrong coffee even if it’s not your fault so there was no need to get mad and mumble stuff while I was standing right there.
January 2022
Nancy Beach
Lobby not open . Wanted to pick donuts and munchkins, but door was locked to left .
January 2022
Matt Johnson
Never have staff always a long wait and very rude.
January 2022
Brianna Mazalewski
They were faster than expected especially since they always have a crazy long line when they are able to open
November 2021
This place has gone down hill since last August. Dirty and slow service. Not even worth stopping there anymore.
November 2021
Corrie W.
They run out of stuff all the time so it's really hard to do a mobile order not knowing if they have what you want. Their lobby is almost always closed because of short staffing and call outs, so doing a walk in order is impossible. However, ALL of the people working here are always super nice even though a lot of customers treat them like garbage. They will always try and get you something close to what you wanted when stuff runs out.
November 2021
joshua skinner
I love dunkin donuts i love there coffee and the sandwiches and ice coffees its great.
October 2021
John Kingston
Again no workers drive thru only dunkin going so downhill
October 2021
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