Dunkin', 176 Rte 13 in Brookline

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Andrew Jones
Was flat out refused service here. I HARDLY give a hell about writing reviews but this was over the top. I went up to the place to order, wasnt even greeted and was told to wait very rudely, after waiting 5 minutes. I was told that "I am not dealing with this, move forward, goodbye" I was on the phone with my significant other at the time and they heard everything that transpired. Absolutely appaling. I did and said nothing wrong to prompt this at all. If the employee mistook what I was saying to my significant other that was directed at them then so be it, but still there was no grounds to deny service ESPECIALLY in such a rude way. I will be reporting this to corporate as well.
June 2022
D Bo
I'd rather be without coffee than go to this location. It was great up until roughly 2 mos ago when there was a mass exodus of the morning crew (the former crew was awesome). Since then, the service and coffee have both been truly awful. I gave it one last shot this morning because I was pressed for time - the coffee was so bad we all ended up pouring it down the drain. Will absolutely never go back. Not clear why they had a complete turnover in staff, but this location is very poorly managed, so I think it's safe to assume that it was due in large part to management.
June 2022
My infant son was killed in a horrible accident in the drive-thru at this location 2 years ago, and I’ve been in an ongoing legal battle with the local management as well as their corporate lawyers ever since. They delete every negative review I leave, and have been sending nonstop cease and desist letters to my home address as well as every job I work. These are horrible people with horrible service. No respect for my deceased son or the continued struggles of our family. Disgusting.
June 2022
Blake G
They once again discontinued a great menu item. Sourdough breakfast sandwich.This is why Pressed Cafe wins out.
March 2022
bridget keenan
Love this dunks. They have the best donuts and the employees are TOP NOTCH. They’re always so friendly
February 2022
Chris Dyer
“Nah, I’m not doing warm food,” was the response that we received from the employee(s) working here today. Might be time for the manager/owner to look into their employees. Nothing but terrible service here and it was our last time stopping at this location.
February 2022
kristin safford
I ordered and paid for two bags of ground coffee. Waited 20 min in the drive through. They said they did not get a slip on their end. I showed them my receipt but they refused to give me the coffee or a refund. I offered to pay again and call later to get my refund for the $17 and change, and this offer was also refused, I would need to go through the drive through again and wait another 20 minutes for my two bags of ground coffee. Now I have no coffee and they still have my $17+ dollars
February 2022
Paul Flotten
This is a service with a smile place. Serving size is generous. Everything was very tasty. Yummers.
February 2022
Debra Ntengeri
Nice hot cocoa for a rainy day
November 2021
Louis Fowler
I go to Dunkin' donuts throughout New England this by far is the most friendliest best serving I've ever been to I literally said to myself if I won the lottery I would give each one of these people $10,000 they're that good. Thank you!
October 2021
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