Dairy Queen, 1137 Riverside Blvd in Norfolk

  • 1137 Riverside Blvd
  • (402) 371-3115

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Hours or services may differ due to COVID-19. Please contact the business directly to verify hours and availability.

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  • Specialties: American Restaurant, American Food, American
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Brendalee Pearson
Dont even deserve one star but it won't let you post without marking something!!!!? Worst service EVER!!! Food was cold, when calling them they laughed at me and said that was impossible. If you want hot and fresh food DO NOT GO HERE!
February 2021
Dominique Kelberlau
They always take a little longer than other fast food places, but our blizzard were excellent!
January 2021
Aydrea Frazier
Ordered Banana Split, it was Amazing! Great Service once again.
January 2021
yvonne mendoza
Ice cream for dessert! Perfect!
January 2021
Ethan W.
Imagine - You're craving a Blizzard, so you head to local Dairy Queen looking to ease your craving. You're mid-order, when suddenly the 8 jugs of water you downed at work hit your bladder like a turbo charged semi truck, and you realize you have got to GO. You frantically finish your order and sprint to the restroom, praying that the single stall is open. As you push the the "pull" door, your body is preparing to sigh in relief, as the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter. You make your way into the bathroom, when it hits you. Take a dead cat covered in expired horse radish, then microwaved on high for a decade, thrown in a dumpster fire fueled by human feces, with a dollop of synthetic battery acid to top it off. And this wasn't any ordinary smell, it was that kind of smell that invades your body. You can taste it, a presence like you've never felt. You know that feeling when you see your ex in a public place? It's a type of invasion on THAT level. VIOLATION. So now, you're faced with a decision. Risk your bladder exploding in a Dairy Queen bathroom like a water balloon on a summer night, or continue this sensory torture to your nostril hairs. In an attempt to finish this nightmare you make a break for the toilet. You start doing your business, but the stench is beating you down, and you don't know how much longer you can last. Halfway through, the dizziness starts to set in. You realize, this is life or death. As your consciousness fades, you struggle to get yourself to the door. Stumbling, hazily fighting for your last breaths, you reach to make your final push towards the door. You topple through the exit, with just your head peaking out. Slowly, you glance up and see a hazy figure looking back at you. For a moment you think, "God, is that you?" But no. It's your fear-stricken friend, with a Blizzard in each hand looking back at you. With Paramedics on either side of you, you struggle to piece what happened or where you are. For a moment, you feel safe. Your friend emerges from the crowd of bystanders surrounding you and hands you your Blizzard. Suddenly, a creeping feeling of panic rushes over you. You still need to pee. Blizzard was good tho
December 2020
Brittney Hunke
Worker on their phone why other workers working! Took forever!
August 2020
Dan R
About the only place to go in Norfolk for drive thru icecream and shakes. However, the quality of food and service has been poor at best the last few times so I think i'll just treat myself at home or sonic
July 2020
C Christoph
DQ is our #1 favorite place to go for food and treats or to take home a box of Peanut Buster bars.We look for DQ's when we travel too. I decided to try the chocolate cake shake last week. I have seen it for quite awhile in my DQ app.No cake chunks or chocolate shavings as shown in photos . I asked the young woman at the drivethru window if the cake cubes were in the cup and she said it was under the ice cream. But it turned out to just be a chocolate shake with the cake completely blended in the chocolate ice cream. Not sure if this is product not matching advertisement or a location that needs training. If the latter please provide them with what is needed to make the cake shake as described. This will make us reluctant to try other different menu items in the future. We won't stop at this location again. Thank you for your time.
June 2020
Mark Lyons
Food was good, But watch going through the drive through because they'll try to short change you on money back to you, my meal was 20.98 got two cents back ,when I gave them 25.00 dollars, I got my other four dollars back ,after I question a nether employee
February 2020
MrPillow Cozzy65
Absolutely love this place
December 2019
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