Chipotle Mexican Grill, 13315 60th St N in Oak Park Heights

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  • 13315 60th St N
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Su 11:30 - 21:00
Mo 11:30 - 20:00
Tu 11:30 - 20:00
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Th 11:30 - 20:00
Fr 11:30 - 21:00
Sa 11:30 - 21:00

Hours or services may differ due to COVID-19. Please contact the business directly to verify hours and availability.

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accepts credit cards good for kids good for groups outdoor seating bike parking good for a quick meal great value dinner good service clean lunch dine-in guacamole chips brown rice loud tv


Luke Bristol
I’ve had to wait 30+ minutes for my online orders multiple times and when do I get it, meh burritos full of dry burnt chicken and green tomato pieces. It’s not all bad tho atleast I didn’t have to eat a lot of the chicken cause ya know they always skimping ya.
January 2022
Sam Letourneau
Change your holiday hours online!! 3pm Christmas eve your closed and Google said you were open until 9pm. Was parked in front for 5 minutes and saw literally 8 people try to go in and get disappointed
December 2021
Alec Rechtiene
I go to this spot all the time and have never had a bad experience. Lines usually aren’t too long (of course like any place it can be busy sometimes.) Great food every time. I also have never gotten food poisoning from this location considering this is chipotle. This is the chipotle to go to. Don’t listen to those negative reviews they’re just Karen’s who wanna destroy a business for a single bad experience.
December 2021
Jacob McKee
Trash location. I’m here visiting for the next month and back home eat chipotle 3-5 times a week. I like to go after the gym and have tried to keep the tradition going here but unfortunately this location is a trainwreck.1st day I went: Sign on door saying they’re not opening till 2 due to staffing. I call them at 2:30 no answer. Skipped it.Day 2: Called repeatedly with no luck trying to confirm they were open. Decided to go by anyway and luckily they were open! Place my order and they’re out of hard shell tacos. Bummer but ok. I go on with my order and they’re out of corn.Day 3: Just walked in to chairs blocking the entire order line and a cluster of customers waiting throughout the restaurant. A customer tells me that they are so behind on online orders that they have shut down in person orders. My phone is dead and cannot place an online order and they tell me they can’t help. Customer looking then in the face and they say these online orders matter more. Plenty of employees by the way, looks like the full staff I see at normal Chipotle locations.Manager just deflects issues and blames it on anything else. I understand we’re all going through a hard time but realistically this location should be temporarily closed till they have the staffing and competent management to run it properly.
December 2021
Jamie Hawley
I know you can’t really see this girl but whoever was running the cash register on the evening of 11/23 should be fired. My mobile order was over 10 min late from the time it said it would be ready and I could’ve gone through the line 3x instead of waiting so I finally went to her and asked where my order was. Apparently she thought I said I wanted a refund (not sure how). She tried handing me money which I said ‘what is this for? I asked where my mobile order was’. She then yelled at me saying I wanted a refund (not true). Then she put my order back in while cussing and calling me an f’in B while there was about 20 people in line. The older couple turned to me after they left the register and said ‘I’m so sorry you were dealing with that she was yelling awful things’. Then the girl got the receipt and brought the receipt in the back to be made where I can’t see. She brought food back and I said “why couldn’t it have been made in front of me? Why did you have to bring it to make in the back because now I don’t trust you didn’t do something to my food.’ Then she rolled her eyes and put my bag on the mobile order and was cussing loudly ‘Jesus f’ing Christ you f’in B’ in front of all the customers. Seriously… I don’t even know what made her so mad at me. All I asked was where my mobile order was because it was over 10 min after the pick up time. Extremely unprofessional. Multiple other customers came to me and said ‘wow sorry you’re experiencing that’. Get some professional staff at the minimum.
December 2021
Tim M.
Horrible slow service. They skimp on the protein. Sometimes it's not even open for walk in business due to how poorly managed it is.
November 2021
Jesse T.
Hands down the worst location ever. Online orders are a joke. You might as well order it from a different restaurant. 2 hours away, you'd get it at about the same time. Come here whether it's their system not receiving the online orders, or being backed up so that your pickup time is about 2 hours after the actual pickup time that you were told when you made your order. Order. Long lines all the time, dirty, clueless employees. Clueless employees. Honestly do not waste your money. Chipotle is great. Great! Just not this location. Go to Woodbury or Maplewood, it's worth the extra miles.
November 2021
Emily McDonald
This is the worst chipotle hands down. I’d rather drive to maplewood or Hudson. NO customer service at all. ALWAYS messes up the order. Food is cold. Waited over 10 minutes on the phone, no one would answer. Tried to reach out online and they refused to replace my order. Offered free guacamole, but I did not order guacamole. Do yourself a favor and eat somewhere else. This chipotle is more disappointing than any ex I ever dated.
November 2021
Nick Ellingson
We ordered carryout and the order wasn't ready until 20min after the pick up time. *Edit* When we finally got our food the order was messed up. Two people ordering with the same name broke their system.Nothing but high school students in sight, 2 of the 6 employees on the line looked like they were being trained in, a line out the door that wasn't moving any faster then the carryout line. I'm writing this so Chipotle hopefully supports their people better. In the 20min I was waiting I saw 2 other carryout order pick up people cancel their order, as well as numerous people walk up to the door, see the line, and just turn around.It's good food, but support your employees better during crunch times and raise the rate of pay so experienced people want to work for you, otherwise you're going to keep putting your employees through the grinder and lose customers.
October 2021
don julio
Horrible. This Chipotle used to be great, now it's full of high school kids who have no idea what they're doing and lack any sort of basic customer service. I've seen signs up before that you can't get a burrito, not because they were out of shells, but because no one can roll them. These kids can't learn how to roll a burrito? It's like they walked into the remedial English class and hired everyone on the spot. There is zero adult supervision, just a bunch of kids standing around goofing off even when customers are waiting.
October 2021
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