Hardee's, 5223 Franklin St in Michigan City

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Michael Smith
I used to love this company. I worked for them years ago and the food was amazing but now it's mediocre at best. Not like it used to be and I don't know if I'll return. Staff was great though, very friendly.
July 2022
David Clark
I love Hardee's. But this one was not very good.Fries were terrible. Soggy, not very warm.Sandwich was alright. We asked for 2 strawberry shakes when we were getting ready to leave. It took at least 10 minutes and had to ask 2 time's to get them.Not impressed. Will never go to that one again!!
July 2022
Teri Dilloway
The wait to order and get my food was extremely long, the car in front if ne actually left without their food. I felt bad for the guys working, clearly this location is understaffed. That being said, the young man who waited on me was very nice and apologetic. The sandwich was very good although a tad expensive. Get these poor guys some help and this could be a 5☆rating.
June 2022
Jason Lawhorn
Always fresh and delicious. I appreciate the staff here is friendly and always explains if there will be a wait was they make the fries fresh every order. Usually get chicken strips and they are always made to order as well. Good value as you can get a meal for less than $8, which is rare these days even in fast food.
June 2022
Juliann Pyplatz
My first time going there was today, and it was cash only. I only had $8 on me and it was my lunch break and the lady at the window gave me free fries since I couldn’t get them with my money. A really good first impression and she was so nice!!
June 2022
J Calton
Pick ANY other place near here... there's plenty and I'm sure they are 100% better. Manager working counter didn't greet us. Was rude when we asked for changes to our burgers. We ordered two combo meals, one with chicken tenders and 1 with a burger. We ended up getting 3 burgers. We paid for the extra apparently. Not one of the burgers was made correctly. The coke machine spit out clumps/gobs of what I hope was syrup. The manager was super irritated we asked for a new cup and said, sure I guess and handed us the cup. We were driving thru, wish we had picked one of the 100 food places instead.
May 2022
china bender
*CLOSED - DO NOT MAKE ONLINE ORDERS FOR THIS STORE*I love Hardee's, especially their biscuits and gravy. But for the past couple of months, there is nobody in the store despite hours being posted as "opened". A lot of people making online orders show up to an empty store and can't get their money back! If they ARE open at odd hours then I think it should be management's responsibility to post that somewhere, anywhere!If the job postings online are true, this location is only paying $7-10 an hour for cashiers, AKA the poor person taking your order. No wonder nobody wants to work at this location. If I can't get my favorite breakfast because Hardee's employees can't afford the cost of living, then so be it. Hardee's management should be ashamed. Losing customers and treating the people that make their business run like they're disposable. Only time will show these greedy corporations that the BUSINESS is disposable, not its employees.
May 2022
David McKissack
Avoid at all costs. Pulled up and placed an order. They took 20 minutes and I was the only person there. Paid for my food. Requested my money back after they took forever for a simple meal. They literally denied me and would not give my money back! I paid them with cash and they told me they couldn't give my money back. Like most other restaurants in the area, they don't even slightly care about customer service.
April 2022
I’d leave 0 stars if I could.Here we go.I ordered breakfast on 2/20/2022 around 9:30AM, through the mobile application. Payment goes through without issues (of course) because the store is open! Right? Nah!! We get there, lights on no one inside! We call the number on the drive thru door, no answer. I call the stores number, no answer. I call support, once again NO ANSWER. I even tried calling headquarters, whose machine told me to call later! (I did and still no answer). I left a voicemail on supports machine, and I’ve still not gotten a call back like they said they would. I’ve sent 2 support forums to them, without any response. I’ve called the store twice, once in the evening, on the day this happened, the manager said he can replace my meal twice, sure.. I accepted. But he never gave me the reference number for this so I couldn’t just show up and get these meals! I tried calling back right after he hung up and no one answered. I called in the morning a couple days later, and got the morning manager, she said she’d send me “something” because she can’t just refund me. (I don’t know how you can’t refund money from an order made at your store, but okay fine. I’ll take a coupon that covers my next meal.) Well, I’ve waited a week now. Nothing in the mail. This store is on the same town as me, but since I work long hours I can’t just hop over there any time I please. I’m certainly not wasting gas on this store either, without some guarantee I’d get a replacement meal. I tried reaching out on Twitters and Facebook support, without answers. They can surely post though. What’s the point of having a support team if no one is doing their job?I feel scammed by this. How is this company still around? I guess they survive off scamming the customers. Frauds cool you know. At this point, I’m at a loss of what to do. I received nothing from the store, but poor service and lies. I’ve got nothing from support. My bank won’t even let me charge back unless I send written proof they won’t refund me. Yea, they won’t answer my calls or provide that to me. Hope that $13 keeps your business afloat for a bit longer Hardee’s. ? We all know your company really needed it more than me.
March 2022
Ioanna Molina
Management apparently gives zero care about customer service. I am almost certain the manager was who i was greeted by initially with an abrasive "HOLD ON!," but was having my order taken by a teenager who was significantly more cordial. Was almost done ordering only to be informed they were closing. At 1 pm. Will not be returning unless I see "Under New Management" signs posted.
March 2022
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