KFC, 309 N Washington St in Crawfordsville

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  • 309 N Washington St
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Su 10:30 - 21:00
Mo 10:30 - 21:00
Tu 10:30 - 21:00
We 10:30 - 21:00
Th 10:30 - 21:00
Fr 10:30 - 21:00
Sa 10:30 - 21:00

Hours or services may differ due to COVID-19. Please contact the business directly to verify hours and availability.

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accepts credit cards good for kids good for groups tv moderate noise private lot parking


Joshua Ellis
Hot and fresh chicken, homestyle sides and they are remodeling the entire store and parking lot. They are open from 1030am to 9pm Monday thru Thursday and until 10pm on Friday thru Sunday. Great customer service.
December 2021
Andy Bob
Building a little bit old!But personal is very nice!!!!Food regular!
December 2021
Belinda J Hohenstein
is after 11 am there's no chicken ready and the guy in the drive thru was on his phone. This building is in the worst shape. I don't recommend it until it's updated properly.
November 2021
Robert Reese
Very good service but had to close early because they ran out of food
October 2021
Carol Thompson
This place is a joke sent helper cause I'm basicly homebound 2 different times didn't get nothing both times ran out of chicken. Then I was stupid and ordered online early at 1030 went through then it got cancelled by KFC they always Sat third times a charm KFC you flunked. Need at church's or another chicken place.
October 2021
Elizabeth Conrad
Shorted food, not fresh, over charged and wouldn’t answer the phone when I tried to call. We were excited to try with new management but bad experience and we won’t be back.
October 2021
Katie Kiger
There's no order microphone to place your order. They need more help and ice
October 2021
Cathy Elmore
Employees doing a great job for the conditions they are experiencing.
October 2021
Honest review of our first visit to KFC in cville since reopening with new management.Waited in the drive thru for just a hair over an hour. When we got to the menu/ordinary kiosk, paper sign was taped over the speaker that said to pull forward and order at the window. Got to the window and tried to order the 12pc. chicken tenders meal. The lady at the window was not pleasant and said we are out of tenders.....That's it. No apology, no suggestion of other meals. Just silence. I asked what else they had. She just flaty said "extra crispy". I said, ok, what sizes? She just said a few numbers. I said ok, 12 piece I guess. (I have no idea of prices or options) She asked if we wanted a meal. I said yes. She said "what sides? We're out of Mac and cheese." No suggestion or anything else, which I think would be important to say because i didn't have a menu to look at and I don't have their menu memorized. I said well I guess fries and coleslaw. She then just said $37.44.I didn't really want to spend that on dinner since the 12pc tenders meal we originally wanted was $25 and I figured the extra crispy 12 pc was probly around the same price. Not $10 more. That would've been really nice to know since I didn't have a menu to order at and couldn't have known they were out of tenders because there was no sign or anything posted on the menu before I got to the window. I paid the lady and got no customer service from her. I was polite, said please and thank you ma'am. This lady was unpleasant, unwelcoming, and uninterested.We get our food handed to us from a different lady who was very friendly, smiled, and wished us a good night. That 5 second interaction with her, was very nice. She definitely was, hands down, the person that should have been working in that drive thru window. She was obviously good at providing customer service.The food:The French fries:Overdone. Hard. Hot, but more like eating chips for most of the order. No seasoning. We have had these same fries from the KFC on Veteran's Memorial Dr. in Lafayette many times, and they are our favorite French fries of any fast food restaurant. The ones we received were very lackluster.The chicken:It quite literally was dripping oil when I picked it up from the bucket. The batter coating slid off in my hand, before I could take a bite. The chicken flavor was good and what I expected, but the massively excessive oil amount made the chicken heavy and I ate 2 pieces but definitely was not interested in eating more. It was a messy, oily experience. The chicken from the previously mentioned KFC has never been this kind of oily. We really enjoy it and the cville KFC failed to deliver the same or similar quality.We have seen the posts on here from the new manager of KFC and wanted to go try and support this business. We were in a mindset before ordering and while patiently waiting in the drive thru, to be happy with our meal and were seriously disappointed by most all of it. We honestly belive most all of the issues we had was caused by staff issues, which the new manager has openly admitted is the biggest problem he faces currently. We totally understand having to train people and get more people to work, but this experience was hard to swallow and want to come back.I don't want to bash them, I'm just wanting to give an honest review to our community. This place has great potential and it obviously has the support of the local community to become a good restaurant again, but it will take much more time and effort.
October 2021
Hannah N.
This KFC recently reopened after being closed for a short time. Rumors are said they are under new management, so we decided to give it a shot. Somewhat long line, indoor area in completely closed. The speaker at the drive thru window was not working so you had to order at the pick up window. We got home and half of my order was missing, so I had to drive back there and phone them for someone to bring it out. Chicken looked very rough and batter/seasoning skin was off on many of the chicken pieces. We also did not receive the drink bag that was supposed to come with the meal, so two large drinks were substituted and they were all out of ice. They didn't even give us enough gravy for the two mashed potatoes in the meal. Fried chicken breast was super dry. Quite disappointing, when I have had better food and service at other locations. Pitiful, try to do better KFC. Skip the line and go elsewhere!
October 2021
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