KFC, 381 Indian Boundary Rd in Chesterton

  • 381 Indian Boundary Rd
  • (219) 926-9661

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Hours or services may differ due to COVID-19. Please contact the business directly to verify hours and availability.

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  • Noise Level: Average
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JoAnn Werhowatz
The menu changes were confusing but the food was good ?
November 2020
Debbie M.
So my husband and I go thru the drive thru to get a couple of 5 piece chicken tenders. First of all, you can't hear anything from the speakers. It's like a bad TV comedy skit. After several attempts at trying to understand what the employee is saying, we hear "the chicken is frozen". We looked at each other ... WHAT?!?!? What a minute, did she say the chicken was frozen??? We just pulled away. This place needs to be closed down.
October 2020
Chris Misner
There was 1 person working and she hussled her tail off. Our order was right and the food was very good. Who ever her boss is needs to give her a raise.
October 2020
Only had a total of 2 people working. Took me an hour to get my food. After sitting in the drive thru for 25 minutes I found out they didn't have what I came there for originally. Right before I got my food 3 workers showed up. At one point There was about 7 cars total waiting for food in front of the restaurant.
October 2020
Lori Henning
The food is always excellent. Highly recommend this location.
October 2020
Steve R.
Every drive through joke/skit about drive thru speakers is alive a well here. It is impossible to understand. 41 minutes waiting, told they needed to drop more chicken, while cars behind were waved ahead for buckets. Then get home and no coleslaw. Not happy.
September 2020
Raven DeAngelis
They messed up my order AND there was a BUG in my food ??
September 2020
Eric Borkman
I would like to say something about the food but I cannot because when I pulled up to the Drive through to order food at lunchtime nobody answered even with the car in front of me honking at the window to try to order.
September 2020
Jessica Eddy
The food was good enough, although other KFC restaurants had better mac and cheese. Plastic ware wasn't provided and we had to return to request some. The staff seemed very nice.
September 2020
Vance Beckner
Food was hot and delicious but the service was very slow and my order was wrong. Several other people had wrong orders too.
August 2020
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