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  • Cuisines: Burgers, American, Hot Dogs, Fast Food, Sandwiches, Healthy, Ice Cream, Diner, Cafe, Omelets, Yogurt
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accepts credit cards good for kids good for groups has tv good for a quick meal


Syd Breland
Do NOT order food from here... especially delivery. All food was missing from order and no one answers the phone. So much for customer service. Contact MCDONALDS corporate never locally because they do lot care..
July 2020
Martin Chiri
worst food I ever had in my life. I got so sick from it. Always gets my order wrong. Gave us a burnt piece of chicken and said it was supposed to look like that! we got a re order with stale bread! Dont eat here!
July 2020
Katie Roberts
The ABSOLUTE worst McDonald’s ever. I understand having to close the dine in area. Pulled up to order, and I could not see the menu, so I told the man that I couldn’t see to order. I needed to see the menu because I am not from this area. So I went on to order for what I came for which was for my children. Pulled up to pay, and he had a smart attitude reading back what I ordered and I said yes, he still had an attitude at this point.. my husband jokingly said “don’t spit in the food” he still had an attitude and said I can tell the cooks cause I’m not from here. He was arguing back and forth with us. We pulled up to pick up my children’s happy meals, and next thing I know there are multiple employees threatening us IN FRONT OF MY KIDS!! So I hope to speak with someone about this very soon!
July 2020
melissa kerr
Sweet workers very respecful but need one more person helping in drive thru. Felt bad for the poor girl working.
July 2020
Brian J.
We are down from GA on softball trip. Went in on 7/16 @ 10:20am to the 4511 Orange Beach Blvd, Orange Beach, AL 36561 location to get breakfast. Right when we walked in, a lady by the name of Anistasia (Not really sure if that was her name) yelled out we could not come in unless masks were worn. My wife stated the mask ordinance did not go into effect until 5pm but Anistasia stated it was a McDonald's rule and not a state rule. We said ok and I went out to my truck and got 3 masks to put on. After entering the building masked, I started looking around at this staff noticed that the majority of them were wearing there masks below their nose or even under their chin.So I told Anistatia that I was going to take my mask off since none of them were wearing their mask the proper way. She immediately blew up and yelled out to her staff demanding they put on the mask properly and then turned and yelled at us for questioning why we were "Worrying" about them. I simply wanted her to know that what is good for one is good for all. Don't force me to do something that you arent willing to do. We have enough stress is the world without going to a fast food joint and feeling threatened by staff.To the owners of this business....You have a serious problem with this lady! PERIOD She has an extremely violent temper. She told me that "I NEEDED TO GET A CHECK ON MY WIFE"!!! So I in turn told her I would see her in the unemployment line. PULL THE VIDEO FROM THE DATE 7/16 from 10:20-10:40. I hope you have audio and you can look at your drive through window.Who the hell do you think you are to make us do something and your staff is not following the same rules or procedures? If you seriously care about your business then you need to get a handle on this.I am so furious at how we (paying customers) keep patronizing these establishments and continue to be accosted in ways that we should no longer turn our backs to. To be quite honest, I will never take any of my family to another McDonalds again. I really dont even want to give 1 star but it's making me.
July 2020
Mark Alan
No tea!!! WTH? I explicitly went there and waited in long drive-thru just to place order and learn they didn't brew any tea. I pulled out and called a McDonald's 5 miles down the road asking if they had sweet tea and the lady thought it was a prank call and laughed saying "This is McDonald's! We got tea all day every day". So I quickly explained this particular one didn't. She was agast.
July 2020
Scot S.
Where do I start..I knew its was going to be bad when I drove up and they had no carbonated drinks and no tea. My choice was Orange Juice or bottle water.So I ordered a #1 with water and basically they gave me a regular burger with a big mac bun :)I'm done with this location!!
July 2020
Telly Bailey
Out of 3 items I ordered and then did not get simple cheeseburger plain kids meal correct.
July 2020
Grace Moore
WORST experience at a McDonald’s in our LIFE. We travel OFTEN. We ordered 2 meals & asked for them to be made large. Which means the DRINKS AND FRIES. The manager handed us a medium drink, through the drive through & when we corrected it saying we needed a large she told us we were wrong that we were rung up for a medium. THEN HANDED US A LARGE CUP AND TOLD US TO POUR THE DRINK IN THE LARGE CUP. we got the large fry though.... I literally am in utter SHOCK.
July 2020
John Harris O.
Terrible service, employees seemed to hate themselves and their job. Then proceeded to get order wrong and scream in the kitchen
June 2020
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