Delgado Antojitos Mexicanos, 16 Pleasant Hill Rd in Harrisonburg

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cesar garcia
Best tacos in town
October 2019
Kelcey Seaman
This is one of the most underrated places I've ever been to. The food is absolutely amazing! Its authentic, and is extremely healthy but satisfying as well. I would definitely reccomend this place, the prices are extremely fair for the amount of food and the quality!
June 2019
Josh S.
Small little taco stand next to one of the Karate places on South Main. Came here wanting to try something different and got it. I got the Gordita with Asada ($8.50) and paired it with a Mexican Coke ($2). The Gorditas looked small but I paired it with a small bag of chips and was fairly full even though I have a big appetite. My friend got the Torta, he said it was good but the bread:meat ratio was a bit overwhelming as there wasn't enough meat to compensate for the amount of dough. One tip is that the two workers, while very friendly and understanding, seemed to not know much English. Still friendly enough to cater to our needs and get what we wanted! Overall, nothing too crazy, but not bad if you want to try one of the many food trucks around Harrisonburg.
May 2019
Friday, February 3, 2017 - Approximately 6:45pm - You know how when you're eating supper and it's the same ole, same ole most of the time. You eat and then when you're finished you say to yourself 'Self, wouldn't it be great if I had something REALLY, REALLY GREAT to eat?' And self agrees. Well, that happened tonight. I wasn't short on food, just tired of what I did have and wanted something a little different. So I was thinking, there is this little interesting restaurant across the parking lot from where we are staying which shares the parking lot with a Karate school.Technically, this little restaurant is described as a 'Food Truck'. There are 2 interesting articles about this restaurant on the net. Search by name and you won't have any trouble finding them and they will give much more information regarding it than I can here.The Food - I ordered what is called a 'Taco Plate' which comes with 4 taco's. 2 Asado Tacos and 2 Pork Tacos. The Pork tacos I BELIEVE are called 'Adobo', but not sure. The order came with 2 sauces, a Green (real thin, spicy Guacamole) and a Red, which is HOT!!! But good. The tortillas were hand pressed corn.A gentleman took the order and a lady cooked the order. The 'dining room' has 2 tables, but this is more for take out than anything.The majority of the orders are $7.50 each EXCEPT for the Quesadilla's which are $8.00. These prices are out the door. I was in and out in 10 minutes or less.For an exceptionally good quick hit meal, I would have to highly recommend this little jewel.
February 2017
Laurie I.
We stopped here on a road trip and went by yelp reviews. I might have driven past it and even missed it the first time. I am glad we went back. The owner was very sweet and he even had a very young work maybe 10 or 11 helping out. I evoyed the food and the attention. I woudl stop again for sure.
August 2016
Holly G.
This is a very small food stand right off Pleasant Hill Road, near the Sheetz on South Main Street in Harrisonburg, VA. They have tortas, tacos, sopes, quesadillas, flautas, etc. Today was my first time trying this place and it was delicious. I got the torta with asada -- AMAZING. Huge portion so wasn't sure if I would be able to finish it all -- it tasted so good I couldn't stop. There were two sauces -- one an orange color (spicier), the other green. I can't do too much spice so I had a sparing amount of the green sauce. Based on some blogs I have recently read after going here, I can tell this stand has been around for a few years now. There were two people here when we ordered. I assume they were the owners Juan and Juana Delgado. Both were extremely friendly and happy to have customers come by. Definitely going to recommend this spot and try to get their names out there!
November 2015
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