Watts Bar Utility District, 123 Pawnook Farm Rd in Lenoir City

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Louie Tammaro
I wish the website could be more up to date with today's technology and I wish the customer service people could be friendly.
July 2020
Aaron Walker
Rude people! Been trying to get a leak on their side fixed for 6 months. Now the ditch stays full of water. It keeps my new regulator under water and is already rusting it. They act like it's no big deal. There must be some oversight and accountability for this company! I think I am going to contact the TN department of utilities and if that doesn't work I know a senator that can probably get some action. These people really need some hefty fines for their behavior and lack of ethics!
June 2020
Diya Jewell
Our water was shut off without notice, when our bill was sent to the neighbors house & we didnt recieve it until they caught us at home. When i called after work they say it will be an entire day before i can call back to have them turn our water back on absolutely ridiculous. I have kids.
March 2020
Bri Payne
Too bad there is no way to leave ZERO stars, because that's what they deserve. Zero notification that an old credit card was run even though we had updated the card prior to the due date. Zero notification the payment didn't go through. After seeing next month's bil we attempted to make a payment but since auto payment was pending it would not allow us to do so & it seemed as though it was going through. Zero notification that they turned off our water. And even with me on the phone offering to make a payment immediately on the phone they would do nothing. That's how they treat a customer that has paid their bill for 37 years. They will no longer be on autopay. We will pay them at the last possible second as they don't notify us if there is an issue.
January 2020
Jonathan Hale
Unfortunately I'm at the mercy of this utility. Water has an extremely chlorinated taste and smell. The bill seems to slowly creep up every few months. Unannounced water outages which is awesome if you're doing laundry or taking a shower. I feel that most people would agree, if we're paying for water, it's not unreasonable to expect it to taste good and for it to come out of the tap when you turn on the faucet. If there is an outage, an announcement on the website doesn't seem like it should be a lot of trouble.
November 2019
Kris Williams
Unfortunately all These bad reviews are true.....
October 2019
Ruth Jaeger
We have faithfully paid our leak protection for the past 18 months. We had a leak recently that resulted in two large water bills.
October 2019
Dave Hensley
I would give a (-5) star rating if possible. I own a vacation home on Watts Bar Lake. It is a 90 minute drive from my home. My last visit was New Years Day 2019. Went down yesterday, 3/13, to begin cleaning up the damage and debris from the high water we have had this winter. I found that our water was cut off and locked. My wife told me she had made a payment that was late and paid the late fee along with the payment for the next month. It seems WBUD pulls the trigger very early with no notification , however , we did receive another bill for the following month with no indication service had been interrupted. I spoke with two very rude and unhelpful female employees that both told me I would need to bring proof of ownership, photo id and $80 to re-apply for service. I explained that would be a 3 hour round trip and asked if I could simply come in and pay the $80 fee and get the water restored. That would have been a 1 hour round trip from my location. I further explained they had all my information on file from my previous application and would a photo id not suffice. I was told by the office manager it was just like going to the doctor and I would need to update my information. She also added she saw where my mailing address was Maryville and informed me she could drive there in 20-25 minutes(I will personally offer $500 to anyone that can drive that distance without breaking the law) from her location so what was the big deal.. In my opinion this behavior is at best unprofessional and at worst not worthy of holding a position where you deal with the public.
April 2019
I have had this service for 17 years, and my experience has been very positive. If I have a problem, they have always been helpful.
April 2019
Travel Man
I have had no problems with their customer service. People need to be responsible and quit blaming others for their mistakes. This is a public utility and they answer to the State of TN comptroller. They have to set policies and go by them. Just like the rules of the road, if you speed and get caught, you get a ticket. If you don't pay on time and get caught at the right time, you get cut off. But I keep up with my bills and have them set up on automatic bank draft with all my utilities so I don't have to worry about that. Maybe if you took time to investigate how cities and utilities operate in the State of TN then you would possible understand. Don't blame others for your mistakes, own them and move on. When you are a lawyer and know too much!
January 2019
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