Schwan Food Co, 20350 SW Avery Ct in Tualatin

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Hours or services may differ due to COVID-19. Please contact the business directly to verify hours and availability.

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  • Cuisines: Ice Cream, Dessert, Delivery
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Brandy Reynolds
The food is delicious and the delivery is prompt! Highly recommended.
July 2020
S M.
I placed a very large first time order and had to wait 4 weeks for a delivery slot. Waited all day for our delivery which never happened. After logging onto my account I discovered the order was cancelled by the driver as EVERYTHING WAS OUT OF STOCK. No one notified me of the cancellation. I had even called the night before and delivery was confirmed. Tell me. How can $400 worth of common items ALL BE OUT OF STOCK AFTER WAITING 4 WEEKS? When I contacted service to sort it out they were so disengaged and unhelpful I asked them to cancel my account and take me off their mailing list. Despite repeated requests I still get endless annoying emails. Based on my experience I would never reckoned this unprofessional undependable service.
June 2020
Natasha R.
"Exhausting and Confusing"Pros: food arrived frozen. It tastes fine.Cons: --food arrived over 3 months after ordered--Food arrived missing 4 items from order--order was "canceled and resubmitted" approximately 7 times-- each time I called customer service I was given a different explanation as to what this canceling and resubmitting meant--delivery date change approximately 5 times, without notification.--other items were dropped due to unavailability, which is fine, but I was not notified, it was not explained, and I saw no notice of refund--customer service takes VERY LONG to get through I am very understanding that in a pandemic, things will be delayed or made unavailable. No problem. My poor rating stems from Schwan's VERY POOR COMMUNICATION WITH CUSTOMERS! Unless you are in really dire need, find another company. I spent way too much time trying to sort out their constant changes and miscommunications. It was exhausting dealing with Schwan's. They seem to be very disorganized.
June 2020
janneo roi
The food is delicious, the delivery is fast and the staff is kind!
June 2020
Stephanie G.
Worst customer service ever!!! Do not sign up for mail order!! I placed an order April 1st. The order came in the mail April 10th. I was missing 1/2 of my order. I called to inform them and have it rectified that day, said they would call be back in a couple days. Never heard back until I called them the following week. They told me it would arrive on a different date. That day came and went and nothing. I called 3 more times through April about this to be told it would be coming or someone would contact me. NOTHING!!! Finally I got a call from the schwans home delivery.( apparently they operate differently) He said he recieved a message from his company about me wanting a refund but couldn't do anything about it because he didn't do mail order. But I could still order home delivery with him and he would contact the mail order people on my behalf about a refund I still haven't recieved. Weeks later and still nothing. I can't say much about the home delivery because I never placed a order with them, more on the fact I still hadn't gotten my refund from schwans to begin with. But the mail order has HORRIBLE customer service. They owe me money, but at this point I've stopped contacting them because what's the point. They just blow you off or push it off on somebody who apparently can't do anything about it anyways! Oh yeah... and did I mention how long a waited on hold to talk to these people when I called to begin with?!? Over an our at times! To not even get the problem rectified!! So if your like me and think schwans is a great idea with what's going on in the world today? JUST DON'T!! Dont waste your time and energy with this bullshit company!! It's not worth your time for overpriced food and a company that doesn't give a rat's ass about its customers!!!
May 2020
Shelley O.
the food isn't bad my 1st delivery was fine I even really liked the crab cakes. My second order I knew I was in trouble delivery was set for Friday when I check late Friday afternoon delivery was delayed till Monday. Everything was melted and ruined. they have no customer service. They didn't care. I received no credit for 105.00 worth or ruined food . Too bad I would have been a regular buyer now nope
May 2020
Brenda H.
I have been a customer 1-2 years -- good service but delivery was always a little slow! Enjoying so many food items, I dealt with it. In April I placed an order; a few days later by email, they canceled my order, then next email, reissued it but took some of my items off and replaced with an item I did not order. After several tries contacting them, that was straightened out with my delivery date moved to May 13 (nearly a month from my order date). Before May 13th, Schwan's made more changes to my order, sent three emails (within minutes of one another); the last one saying my order had been canceled. I called customer service -- first person didn't have a clue and said she'd have a manager call me and she'd get my order expedited -- neither happened. I called the next day -- that person did not have a clue but took my delivery charge off and scheduled the order for May 29th. Date is here; no delivery nor was I contacted of any issue. I contacted them to find out my order has NOT been put on the truck for delivery. The guy said they didn't have the right CV code for my credit card that I have used since I've been ordering from this company with no issues. That was just an excuse -- they hadn't contacted me (by email, by phone or by text)! He said the delivery date would be June 5th. *** I have NOW canceled my order. *** Checked my email and they issued a charge to my credit card. So, another call to customer service - verified my order has been canceled and asked that the charge made against my credit card be removed! A reminder to myself of the issues for two months -- NOT TO EVER REORDER FROM THIS COMPANY again.
May 2020
Louise Cobb
Best food delivery company in town hands down!
May 2020
Ronal Ellena
Best food delivery company in town
May 2020
Steven E.
Used to be great, but now is the worst, delivery is a 12 hour window and do not even think of calling them, they are just a bunch of overpaid rude low life scum
May 2020
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