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  • Parking: Private Lot
  • Noise Level: Average
  • Health Score: 99 out of 100


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Bernadette M.
Super clean and organized store. I found what I needed with no problem. The staff was friendly and checkout was a breeze. Get a Kroger card to get savings and be sure to scan your card when you're at the pump as well. Parking lot is big and I haven't had a hard time finding a spot.
March 2020
Anthony D.
So, today you start paying .50 cents if the purchase is under $100.00. Come in Kroger, you cut back pharmacy employees hours as if your not raking it in on scripts, and now rip off customers for something that costs you nothing? This is not good.
October 2019
Nicole R.
Racist racist racist!!! I don't reside in this state but I am working here and Kroger is my go To market at home. I went to the seafood department they looked at me like I had horns growing out of my head then continued to talk to each other. I was coming from work I'm in heels and a suit. One asks do I need help I say yes he turns his back and keeps talking to the other. I tell him I need assistance then ask about some of the seafood he tells me he can't help me. I asked why is there a black counter your expecting me to go to or did I miss the sign at the door where blacks are not allowed. It's 2019 I travel the country and yes I'm the southern part of America it's always tricky traveling alone because your never quite sure how you are going to be received.
September 2019
Pat G.
After shopping on a Tuesday from 5-6 pm, I had to wonder what in the world has happened over the past year to Midtown Kroger!? The produce section in particular has gone from great to poor. It seems they aren't able to keep the shelves stocked on a regular basis. When they are stocked, it looks like a rummage sale gone bad on Black Friday. For heaven's sake, please have some carts in the store for us to use. Kudos to the new glass doors for refrigerated items. I've been going to J town Kroger and found it is a more well run store lately.
August 2019
Lorie L.
Oh my goodness, this Kroger is amazingly huge! And, offers so many options within its deli, bakery, flower shop and butcher. My recent visit was to grab dessert for my husband's birthday dinner. I'm not a baker (and apparently not a good planner this week) but knew I'd find several options here. I settled on a Heitzman butter kuchen and box of M & M cookies. Prices were reasonable and both options tasted great. I also grabbed a few bagels for breakfast. Besides the regular grocery items you can pick up pre-made dishes at the deli. Several cheeses for your charcuterie board are in the deli area. You can also find a great selection of beers. This store can be confusing if you aren't familiar with its layout. I once became so frustrated trying to find a simple item that I left and drove elsewhere. If you forget something on the opposite side of the store it's big enough you may say "forget it". Come with a list! Tons of parking available. Starbucks inside. Click list available.
July 2019
Lori M.
Pharmacy staff is rude, disrespectful, and has given me incorrect information on serious issues on more than one occasion. People who have serious medical conditions should not be laying in bed at night dreading having to deal with those people in the morning.
July 2019
Mick M.
Of all the Kroger locations that I have shopped at the one in Middeltown is my favorite, why you ask? Active store management on the sales floor checking every single thing out, friendlier staff than most other stores ( ok that needs explaining) In other stores the employees seem focused more on there task and seem to intentionally avoid customer contact. Not here, they are constantly ask me if there is anyway they can help me, refreshing . I love Kroger but this store gets my 5 star rating
May 2019
Heather P.
I have been using Kroger Clicklist for about a year and I really like the ease and convenience. For the most part I have't had any bad experiences (except one time when they had a computer glitch, which postponed my order for 24 hours no one called to tell me). Other than that the people are usually friendly despite the myriad of bad weather they have to endure. That being said, I have stopped buying fruits and vegetables from Kroger unless I'm doing my own shopping. Either they don't care or don't train their shoppers well about picking out good produce. I've gotten moldy blackberries, smashed and bruised bananas, apples and avocados; slimy berries of all sorts. I've even tried writing in the special instructions about picking out fruit and I've called when one batch of blackberries was completely covered in mold. No change in service. So from here on out, I will continue to use Clicklist because I'm a busy working Mom, but I will purchase produce from a different store.
March 2019
Shelby Z.
This Kroger location is a very nice one!! Although it's not my usual Kroger, I like to go to this location if I am needing to get some groceries on my way home from work. It seems a bit smaller on the inside and the isle ways feel more narrow, but they still seem to have all of the same stuff that the other ones do. Parking is a bit more hectic because there are a lot of other businesses in this strip mall, plus fast food chains and gas stations. What really stands out to me here is their little 'food court' area! They have Starbucks, Eli's BBQ and a couple other places to grab a quick meal. Nice place to grab some groceries if you are in Middletown!
February 2019
Piper S.
Kroger's new Instacart is a total disaster!!! Their computer system wouldn't work properly, it charged $10 for delivery it said was free the first time, I had to call customer service three times, it took the order and then the store sent an email saying they couldn't deliver it that day. I've never seen such a screwed up system in my life!!
October 2018
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