Costco Bakery, 6675 Marie Curie Dr in Elkridge

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  • 6675 Marie Curie Dr
  • (410) 423-4052
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Su 10:00 - 18:00
Mo 10:00 - 20:30
Tu 10:00 - 20:30
We 10:00 - 20:30
Th 10:00 - 20:30
Fr 10:00 - 20:30
Sa 9:30 - 18:00

Hours or services may differ due to COVID-19. Please contact the business directly to verify hours and availability.

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  • Parking: Private Lot
  • Noise Level: Average
  • Price Range: Average


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accepts credit cards wheelchair accessible pizza berries


Mike V.
Great location always well stocked and the lines move quickly after CoVidSorry they took the seats out of the food court,, BUT LOVE the KIOSKS used for ordering and checkout. Amazingly easy to use and FAST, FAST, FAST checkout !!!And on a personal basis I don't feel guilty about whether the person standing behind the register is feeling ' exploited ' by getting paid $15.00 plus benefits, health care, vacation time and retirement. So the Kiosks are great AND they are making sure there is social justice because cashiers no longer need to work in these jobs !!! Now if they can automate the inventory taking and shelf stock... there will be little or no need to ' exploit ' people who used to work these jobs... and these workers can now be FREE to pursue higher salaried positions.Great store, clean, spacious, well stocked... plenty of parking...
July 2020
Cindy Ordonez
We just bought a tv recently m. We don’t know his name bought there was a gentleman with glasses about 5’5 dark hair helping people in the tv section. He was amazing!!!! He helped keep out tv upfront so we could shop around. Amazing customer service. He is a keeper!
June 2020
Bosede L.
They have no wipes, no hand sanitizers for people to wipe their hands in this Covid 19 environment. Other stores provide wipes for their customers- shame on Costco!
May 2020
Wayne G.
All these years and I'd neglected a review until the virus Era. We've been going here since it opened and have been pleased with the selection, prices, cleanliness, office/floor/butcher/baking/Eyewear staff and service. The optometrists are very good in their private business. The gas station is nice too though I wish they opened before 6AM. The service center has done tires I ordered on the website and they also do batteries. The pharmacy looks nice though we've never had a need for meds. My only knock is during normal times the store and gas lines are long.
April 2020
Brian H.
Our first trip to Costco since Covid 19 started. All customers seemed to be doing a good job of avoiding each other and keeping the proper distancing. The Costco employees not so much. When we walked in there was an employee blocking the entrance. Not the person working the door, but another employee standing about 5' inside the door in the middle of the walkway. And then as we shopped, numerous times I witnessed employees walking right up on people, including myself. They seemed oblivious to the situation we are all living with these days. Do they think the mask makes it okay to get into people's personal space? It seemed very odd to me.
April 2020
Lisa L.
We have been coming to this store location on Sundays at 5 pm. It is not crowded. There are directions by employees at the front on how to get into the store, which is from the left side. You pick up a sanitized cart inside the store after you show your membership card. Most items are in stock, but we haven't seen any toilet paper, which may have sold out earlier in the day. There was plenty of paper towels set up for sale near closing at 6 pm. Lines to pay are now directed by an employee, and this helps make the wait time shorter than in the past (pre-Coronavirus). You still show your receipt when exiting the store, but it won't be marked any more. Overall, a pleasant shopping experience with fewer people now. Gas is also cheaper now at $1.54 regular and $1.84 premium. Never seen such low prices in a long, long time!
April 2020
Celeste Lincoln
Always stocked with items. Staff always very friendly and helpful. The store is organized and clean.
March 2020
Neeraj V.
This Costco used to be great but now with too many supervisors they don't even listen to ones request (at least mine) This is second time I had a interaction with a supervisor who flatly but politely refused to even honor my request .previoysly they had great staff Incharge who communicated and listened but now it's different .Time to change the club
March 2020
Shashi Gandhi
We can get everything at Costco , from clothes to food , quality is very good , dealing is good
March 2020
Kathryn R.
Just got yelled at by one of the staff trying to deliver some dumplings to the sample table. Apparently I was in her way as I was about to get something from the freezer there. I didn't hear her say excuse me. She said I'm trying to get right there! The appropriate choice of words are Do you mind if I get over there. I have a right to be there too as I was looking at the items I might want to buy! Maybe they don't need business anymore. It didn't buy anything frozen just left. Overall staff usually unpleasant at check out etc. Forget about returns seem so put out by that process. Other costco warehouses are more polite.
February 2020
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