Wake Island Waterpark, 7633 Locust Rd in Pleasant Grove

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Jake Ellis
Love wakeboarding here I can’t wait to come again
June 2020
Sarah Keeling
I've been to two adult birthday parties here, and it never disappoints! Fun for all ages! I haven't done the wake boarding side yet but the obstacle type area is a blast! Everyone is always pleasantly surprised by how much fun they have... And what a great workout it doubles as.
February 2020
Mikayla R.
Had SO much fun!! I'm 24 years old and went with my 25 year old boyfriend and my 9 younger cousins, all between the ages of 9 and 17. It was one of the most fun, yet tiring experiences we've ever experienced. We went on the water park, which is Wipeout style with obstacle courses in the water. It was hilarious to watch everyone try to get through the courses without totally eating it and falling down into the water. All of us were exhausted by the end of the day- you'll definitely get your cardio in. My advice for the girls- there's a ton of movement, so wear water or workout shorts over your bikini bottoms. Bring a group of people...it's totally worth the price!
January 2020
Mary White
We go often, but it's the frst time this year. They got big catfish n the swim water. I tried to help them get rid of some...but they said I couldn't. Lol. I was gonna take some home...my fishn net was n the truck.
October 2019
Kristina T.
Within the last month, I have visited Wake Island twice and both for different reasons but all for the common goals of fun and relaxation! My first visit was just a random weekday that we actually planned to go to another lake. We backed out of the other lake because of all the flesh eating bacteria scares in the news lately because of open wounds; I have small kids who are always getting hurt and didn't want to risk it... So Wake Island it is! There is no admissions fee to get into Wake Island, you simply pay for the activity you want to do such as zip lining, wake boarding, pedal boats, etc. If you choose an activity, you get automatically get swim beach access too. If your just looking to relax, you can simply pay $10 just for the swim beach access. Half of the kids in my party were under 48" making them free and our older kids got the unlimited Aqua Pass which was only $9 more from just the one time Aqua pass. (Please note anyone under 48 inches can ONLY access the swim beach). The snack bar area is actually closer to the entrance but the ticket booth is in the back ("Follow the red foot prints!" they say). I found it best to fill out the waivers online ahead of our arrival because there were just too many of us and it saved so much time. After our successful first visit, we decided to host a birthday party for my son. You can book online, you host your own birthday party but depending on the package you buy it'll include some pizzas, drinks, etc. Overall, such a great family/friends bonding spot! Tip: If you can't find parking in front, the other lots are dirt roads. Something to consider as far as shoes for post WI.
September 2019
Miami clark
We Absolutely loved this place! This was our first visit and we will be back. We purchased the thrill pass which included the inflatables, beach and zip line. There's also a chill pass with paddle boats, beach and paddle boarding. Wake boarding is separate and seems to have the biggest draw. Bring floaties for the beach, loungers etc. Just have them pumped up before hand or bring your own pump. You can bring beach umbrellas, beach chairs and portable shelters which I recommend as there's really no shade.
September 2019
Anne Wardlow
My grandkids and I had so much fun running around on the island, slipping and sliding into the water than swan at the beach for a while. Next times visit my include the zip line. They also have a tow rope line that wake boarders were having a blast jumping ramps.
September 2019
Tony B.
We drive two hours from San Jose for this great wake boarding park! Great for adults too. There are height restrictions so check their web site. I only go on weekdays so lines and crowds have never been a concern. Lifeguards very friendly. God awful hot some days so I always have a cooler in my car with fresh water on ice so at the end of day we have something refreshing. Pluses: clean changing areas Expanded capacity at aqua park Smaller training center for beginners in secluded area Lifeguards friendly All sizes of life vests available Volleyball nets are free Food service available (it's not a three Star Michelin, it's a water park don't forget) Outdoor showers to rinse off Aqua park has improved accessibility (originally they didn't have any way to climb on top of features you had to help each other) Lockers for a fee You can sign liability waivers, etc. on line Reservations available for aqua park on line Beach area has lots of sand Hamster wheels, zip line and other water toys available Nice seating area to watch boarders Occasionally you'll find small frogs on the water features, and you can see catfish or koi Cons: When you wipe out on turn 1, 2 or 3 you'll be walking back to the start about 10 minutes, that's me 90% of the time. Arrival check-in can take time Aqua park doesn't have many morning time slots on calendar. Mostly afternoon. By end of season some of the ropes and handles at aqua park will be broken so scope out the toys first before you jump on. I saw some unfair reviews complaining about lack of shade at the beach and the sand is hot... duh! Just like any other beach in the world. Feel free to bring a canopy, tent or umbrella. And, outside of the beach area the edges can have rocks and algae so not for the squeamish.
September 2019
Olee L.
Let me tell you want to need to prepare before you go there and logistic to ensure you have a great time at the park. Best beach time of my life! 1. Water shoes (Walmart sells them) You must have it to have a good time at the obstacle course. Otherwise you slip and fall too often. 2. Hat with something tie to your clothing. When you fall, if you hat sink. There is no way you will get it back. 3. Phone with waterproof bag so you have nice photos. 4. Beach chair with beach canopy and side cover sheet. We have just a small beach tent and we can toasted! 5. Big water bottle and lots of drinks. 6. Long sleeve rash guard and pants which is not loose so you can get up on wakeboard. 7. Sunlotion which is safe for fish. 8. Large towels (no need to bring shampoo, no place to shower, only rinse.) What you want to do. 1. Try wakeboard lesson 2. Thrill pass is awesome! You need to bring money to get food and their food is reasonably priced. 3. Try not to walk on the lake bottom, very rough and some of us get scrapes. Sand was so hot you can't walk bear feet. 4. Go early. Parking hard to come by.
September 2019
Amber N.
Came here for a friends birthday with 15 of us. It was pretty fun. We paid $39/per person for the Thrill Pass. That involved the Zip-lining, the Hamster Ball, and the Obstacle course and access to the beach. They offered Wake Boarding but you had to buy that separately and it only offered that selection. But regardless we still had a lot of fun! The obstacle course was super fun. It was like Ninja Warrior x Wipe Out thing where you would have to go through a bunch of things like jumping, sliding, and swinging to get to the other side. That session is about 45 mins. Zip-lining didn't go into the water, it was just crossing to the other side of the beach so you can get to the hamster ball. You had to wait a little bit in a line up the stairs to the zip-lining. And it was about 40ft so it was still cool to ride though. I believe this one altogether with waiting and crossing was about 30 mins. The hamster ball was super hard. They only let 4-6 people at a time and they had different balls that made it impossible to turn. It was also separated in its own little water area once you cross the zip-lining. This session was only 30 mins. Going to the beach was nice if you wanted to relax. The water is extremely blue and some of parts of the water would be warm and others would be cold. Is it because of the heaters or something? The only couple things I didn't like though was that the only place you can sit in by the Wake Boarding and you can only sit there if you have bought the wake boarding pass. The beach had no shade or no seating. So you have to bring your own chairs, towels, tent, and etc. It sucked because it was so hot that day we went and walking on the sand was painful! We only had half of a small tent and you can just see everyone just crowding by the fence because it was the only shade it provided. Another thing is that you had to constantly go back to the booth to get a paper wrist band if you wanted to do your activity. For example we needed one wrist band for the obstacle course which started at 1pm for us. Then the hamster ball was at 3pm. And then another wrist band at 4pm. So basically you had a wrist full of different colored paper bands. Also, the zip-lining only maxed to 200 lbs so unfortunately a couple of our friends couldn't go. It was a pretty fun experience and make sure to bring plenty of water! You are gonna need it!
September 2019
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