DunnEnzies Pizza and Parlour, 4638 Lakeshore Rd in Kelowna

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  • 4638 Lakeshore Rd
  • (236) 420-5722
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Su 11:00 - 22:00
Mo Closed
Tu 11:00 - 22:00
We 11:00 - 22:00
Th 11:00 - 22:00
Fr 11:00 - 24:00
Sa 11:00 - 24:00

Hours or services may differ due to COVID-19. Please contact the business directly to verify hours and availability.

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outdoor seating


Kristian Matis
Cool location and great outdoor atmosphere, especially with the giant tree. The food is very tasty too.
July 2020
The food was good, one app we had was great and the other (fried breaded avacado) wasn't. The pizza was great which redeemed the not so great avacado. Big ups to the server for having to deal with half of my company who was acting like giant whiney babies. She dealt with them with grace and didn't show any signs of displeasure. I felt so awful that half my party was "acting up" I apologized so many times, it was embarrassing. I will definitely return, but will be more selective about who I invite.
July 2020
Brian Hurry
Ashley and Harry were our servers today. Another customer named Peter was there. Ashley and Harry knew him by name. I love a place where the servers take the time to know their customers.
June 2020
Mark McCauley
Loved this place. The food was great and so was the selection of drinks. I recommend giving this place a try.
June 2020
Dani Taillon
Always good. Great food. Amazing atmosphere.
June 2020
Jenna Millsap
Great food, Atmosphere, live music. The staff and owners go above and beyond to make the experience memorable. I always appreciate seeing the owners interact with customers. Highly recommend!
March 2020
Obviously Dunnenzies is known for their awesome pizzas, but their tacos!! Soooo good!! Today, I had the Taco al Pastor and The Exchange Student. Both were phenomenal, especially the Pastor. Definitely give the Good Cod Almighty a try, too!
March 2020
James K.
Let me preface this, by saying I have worked in the service industry for 6 years, and I have personally made my fair share of screwed up orders and mistakes, so I understand that it happens. Because of this, normally I'm really easy going when I experience poor service because I know it happens sometimes. But honestly, the service tonight at Dunnenzies was absolutely ridiculous, and one of the worst experiences I have ever had at restaurant. I will not be recommending this restaurant to anyone I know and I will not be going back. Here's why: The 2 of us arrived at the restaurant just before 7pm. The restaurant was pretty busy, however there were multiple empty tables (several still covered in dishes). We entered and stood at the door for a several minutes before we were even acknowledged for being there. Finally someone said "we'll be right with you folks" at which point it was still a couple minutes until someone came over to take us to our seats. Let me say, that while we stood there, multiple empty-handed servers made eye contact with us, then turned around and did something else. Once seated, the server came back after several minutes to take our drink order. I ordered a strongbow cider, my girlfriend a dill pickle caesar. While waiting, we watched the restaurant fill up with people, and proceeded to watch as all those tables which arrived after us received their drinks before us. 20 minutes later my girlfriend received her drink. And I was notified that they were switching out the keg for my cider, so I'd have to wait longer. To which I responded that I ordered a cider that comes in a can, not from the tap. I received my cider a few minutes later, at which point we were finally able to order our food. We ordered 5 vegetarian tacos (no meat required, so shouldn't take too long to make, right? Wrong.). Finally after 50 minutes of waiting, someone brought us chips to say sorry for the wait. The chips were SOGGY, which was disappointing. After over an hour of waiting, we finally received our 5 tacos. Which were mediocre, and not worth the wait or lack of service. If they had just opened, I'd understand high wait times, but they've been open for months, this kind of service is completely unacceptable. Save yourself the time, and go somewhere else.
March 2020
Ben Cru
Great quality, fresh, quality food! With thoughtfully and tasteful drinks, with an accompanying band in the background. Great date night spot!
February 2020
Taylor Armbrust
Was quite excited to go here for the first time as we live nearby in Kettle Valley. Every evening driving by there are tons of cars parked outside and lined up on the street. Didn’t read any reviews before so I went in with a clean mindset and had never tried DunnEnzies before..
February 2020
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